Jumbo Incense Cones

Jumbo Incense Cones

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x Ra Synclair Jumbo Incense Cones are hand-dipped and burn approximately 30-45 minutes. Choose from two scents: Quatre Vingt, blended especially for eliminating smoke odors; it's an elevated mix of earth, spice, and citrus notes with a hint of sweetness. Or the celebratory and commemorative Juneteenth #619, with notes of cannabis*, rose, and frankincense.

  • Twenty (20) cones per tin.
  • Use lid as tray for burning
  • Light and then extinguish flame.
  • Cone will smolder, releasing this lovely scent.

*Note: does not contain any cannabis, only the rich, sensual floral scent of the flower.

Refined with fine fragrances, essential oils, and natural ingredients. Handmade in the USA.

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