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The Fragrances...

no. 0 Midnight Amber | Black Sea. This scent is dark, rich, and deep with notes of dark amber, vanilla, clove, vetiver and coastal waters.  Zero is both closed and wide open (constantly influencing and collectively minding our own business), spiritually zero is the starting point from which other numbers are created, zero is symbolic of eternity, evolution, and infinity. "Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships because they knew death was better than bondage." -- Killmonger, Black Panther.

no. 1 Linen | Green Tea | Orange. So fresh, so clean! This is home on a weekend morning; clean crib, fresh laundry, green tea, and serenity.
no. 2 Coconut | Tobacco | Lime. I like to call this scent Boyfriend jeans. Made for him, loved by her; it is cool, bright, and relaxed. Note, the tobacco is not smokey like a cigarette, the plant is citrusy and fresh.
no. 3 Grapefruit | Jasmine | Gardenia. Mother Knows Best! We're talking a 70+ Jimmy Choo high heel wearing mom, classic & inspiring. Initially a limited-edition Mother’s Day scent— numbered for my very special mommy—now, a permanent fragrance in the collection and one of the most popular.
no.5 Sea Salt | Vetiver | White Sage. No. 5 actually shares many of the same notes as no. 2, but this is grey sweatpants to its boyfriend jeans, grown-up to its grown-ish. Intensely masculine, musky, and carnal number five is for "Somebody's (grown-a$$) son."
no. 6 French Lavender | Vanilla | Bergamot. Paris for the weekend! Who doesn't dream of being whisked off to what many consider the most romantic city in the world?? No. 6 is romantic, alluring, and special. It's a kiss underneath the sparkling lights of the Eiffel.
no. 7 Santal | Mimosa | Shea. ...And on the 7th day she washed... this scent is inspired by the Black hair experience. It is warmly scented with notes of coconut, amyris, mimosa flower --an ode to my return hoe to Ghana in 2019-- earthy woods, and creamy shea.
no. 8 Amber | Mandarin | Teakwood. Moody, relaxing, and peaceful this spa like scent pairs well with wine! Need we say more? Red, white, rose, or bubbles this fragrance is perfect for a chill night or a self-care Saturday; "me time" on deck.
no. 9 Eucalyptus | Cedar | Sandalwood. Warm, distinctive, and inspired by an afternoon in my grandpa’s wood shop this scent has become x Ra Synclair's best selling fragrance. It's candle therapy at it's best with notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, cedar, blood orange, and a hint of vanilla.
no. 10 Yuzu | Lychee | White Tea. The sweetest of the collection, scent #10 is fruity, flirty, and fun! It’s always a good time; inspired by my globe-trotting, wonder-lusting, bikini-clad former NYC roommate; crazy, sexy, and cool.
no.11 Pink Orchid | Champagne. Bright and punchy this scent screams of summer rooftops, bellinis, and frosé with your girl gang. A soft medley of fruits, florals, and bubbly no. 11 is crisp, lively, and a little sensual.
no. 12 Peony | Roses | Lotus Blossom. A gorgeous, luxe bouquet this is my personal favorite and signature scent. It represents how I live, choosing happy everyday and intentionally bringing joy into my home, like weekly fresh flowers!
no. 13 Palo Santo | Sage | Sea Salt. Cleanse and recharge with this grounding blend 
of palo santo, sage, lavendar, and that smell just before the rain. Its giving luxury spa or boutique hotel. The scent is cool, crisp, and clean.
no. 19 Citrus | Sugar | Mint. Crisp, fresh, and strong no. 19 symbolizes successful new beginnings and trusting one’s own intuition. Bursting with grapefruit, lemon verbena, raw cane sugar, and fresh mint; bless someone in need of a brave new start with this fragrance!
no. 21 Eucalyptus | Sandalwood | Rose. A happy accident made by a little spill in the lab is a blend of two of my favorite scents, no. 9 and no. 12. Described in one word, the scent has duality; it is a balance of masculine and feminine, earthy and airy, woodsy and floral. 
no. 22 Orchid | Crushed Violet | Lemon. This is, for the DIVA in you. A bright, fresh, citrus-y floral fragrance; #22 is dynamic, interesting, vibrant, and addictive! Blended especially for my Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.
no. 23 Citronella | Oakmoss. Not your average citronella candle! I've combined insect repelling citronella with oak moss, lavender, and tonka to create a scent that is functional yet, suitable for use anytime, anywhere.
no. 27 Citrus | Mango | Ocean Mist. Sunshine and beach waves; scent #27 is an ode to my home state of Florida and my favorite type of vacation. Kick back, relax, and let this warm, sunny fragrance transport you to a lounge chair and mojito happy place!
no. 35 Absinthe | Oud | Black Currant. Sex in a scent. This is late night, holed up in the corner of a dark bar, whiskey on the rocks, deep in conversation and staring into the eyes of the person who's going to take you home... No. 35 gives speakeasy, James Blake "Retrograde" vibes; it's a whole mood.
no. 619 Cannabis | Rose | Frankincense. This fragrance is dynamic, one of a kind, and necessary! Light in celebration of Freedom Day, in unity with the descendants of freed slaves, in vigil for those lives lost, and as a reminder that WE have more work to do.
Quatre Vingt is blended especially for eliminating smoke odors. It's an elevated mix of earth, spice, and citrus notes with a hint of sweetness.