This collection of unique home fragrances, luxuriously refined personal-care goods, and upgraded everyday objects was born out of my love for clean design, quality products, and a lifestyle standard that recognizes the joy that even the most functional and mundane things can bring when the effort is put forth to make them beautiful. For me, choosing happiness daily is the key to a life well-lived! So, down to my toothbrush, I deliberately and intentionally bring items into my home that are aesthetically pleasing, make me smile, and feel good each time I see or use them. My hope is that x Ra Synclair brings joy and luxury to you and your home too! Look good, smell good, feel good.

What does expertly refined x Ra Synclair really mean?
All products in this collection are formulated, tested, poured, dipped, blended, forged, made-to-order, or selected by hand; by me, Ra Synclair, in Orlando, FL USA! I use many natural and domestically sourced ingredients that are always cruelty-free as well as free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and formaldehyde.
Each fragrance is complex and distinctive, personally developed using a blend of essential oils and fine fragrances rendering each scent totally exclusive to the brand. In addition to the products themselves, I design all the packaging, website, and other materials.
Ra Synclair was born on Chicago's south side and raised in Orlando, FL where she currently resides. After graduating from Smith College and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising respectively she spent a decade working as a footwear designer in New York City. Ra not only caught the entrepreneurial bug after working as K. Michelle's right-hand woman for a couple years, but also a desire to give back to the community that made her and returned home to start x Ra Synclair and pursue a professional certification in education.