Melange Special Collection: Quatre Vingt

Melange Special Collection: Quatre Vingt

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Unlike our other fragrances the entire Quatre Vingt collection is blended especially for eliminating smoke odors, no matter the product type you choose. It's an elevated mix of earth, spice, and citrus notes with a hint of sweetness.

Refined with fine fragrances, essential oils, and natural ingredients. Handmade in the USA.

Quatre Vingt Fragrance is available in:

  • 11oz. 100% Natural Wax Scented Candle w. cotton wick burns apprx. 45-65 hours
  • Travel-sized Scented Natural Wax Candle, hand-poured, approx. burn 8-12 hours; both the full-size and travel size
  • Room & Body Spray for use all over the house, on fabric, and as a light body spray, travel size is perfect for purse, toiletry, gym bag, or car
  • Warming Oil Blend, super concentrated for use with tealight or electric warming unit only, not water soluble
  • Jumbo Incense Cones, hand-dipped, approx. burn 30-45 minutes, use lid as tray for burning, light and then extinguish flame.

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